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Ferndale, MI 48220


We proudly represent over forty-five nationally known and respected manufacturers.
Together, we create comfortable and healthy environments for Michigan & Toledo
institutions, businesses, and industries.

Complete Air Control & Distribution Systems

Grilles, Registers, Diffusers, Terminal Units, Electric Duct Heaters

 Complete line of VAV boxes and terminal units 

Commercial & Industrial Dampers, Louvers, Access Doors, Penthouses, Roof Top Products, Fire & Smoke Dampers lorencook
Power Roof Exhausters, Ceiling Fans, Incline Fans, Propeller Fans, Wall Fans, Roof Hoods, Industrial Utility Sets, Axial Fans, Plug Fans, Plenum Series Fans, Curbs

Low Height Fan-coil, Decentralized Ventilation Systems, Pressure Independent Dampers, Cross-Talk Attenuation.

Custom Air Handlers, Energy Recovery Units, Make-up Air units, Blower Coils

Wall Mounted Air Conditioners & Head Pumps, Geothermal Heat Pumps

Exhaust Fans

Fan Coil Units

Stainless Steel Air Distribution Products

Commercial Heating and Cooling Equipment

VRF and Ductless Split Systems
Noise Control,
Vibration Isolation,
Restraint Systems,
Air Handling
Kitchen MUA’s & Exhaust Systems, Kitchen Hoods, Stamped Grilles

Destratification Fans &
Spot Cooling Fans


Clean Room Ceiling Systems
Specialized Aluminum Round Spot Diffusers & Vent Louvers
Louvers, Ventilators, Industrial & Airfoil Dampers, Fiberglass & Stainless Steel Control Isolation and Backdraft Dampers, Safety Qualified Equipment for the Nuclear Industry
Motorized Control Damper & Accessories

Hydronic Heating

Kitchen Ventilation Systems

Power Roof Exhausters, Ceiling Fans, Incline Fans, Propeller Fans, Wall Fans, Roof Hoods, Axial Fans,

Custom Air Handling Units

Textile Duct System

Commercial & Industrial Ductwork Systems


Insulated & Non-insulated Flexible Duct, Spin-ins, Fittings, Shoe Taps,
Access Doors

Complete Line of Exhaust & Chimney Industry Products


Welding Fume Extractors, Vehicle Exhaust and Laboratory Environments

Duct Hangers, Fan Coil Units, Destratification Fans, Extraction Ductwork

Single & Double Wall Spiral Pipe and Fittings

Roof Curbs, Equipment Rails, Expansion Curbs, Pipe Penetrations, Duct Mounting Pedestals

Full Line of Electric Reheat Units

Electric Door Heaters

Electric Duct Heaters

Air Diffusers

Quality Fan Coil Units

Variable frequency drives

Gas-fired MUA’s and unit heaters

Condenser Coils, Cooling Coils,
Heat Exchangers

Building Automation Controls

Louvers and Dampers

Airflow Control Systems for Critical Environments

Grilles, Registers, Diffusers,

Complete Digital Management Systems, Pre-programmed Controllers, Configurable
Controls & Accessories

Complete Line of Adjustable Speed Drives for HVAC Applications

Insulated interior and exterior duct