Custom Colorful Pre-Insulated Outdoor Duct

What Makes Thermaround Architectural Ductwork Different?

The versatility and color options offer a seamless integration with your building’s overall design to provide a stunning, yet highly protective solution without compromising performance.

  • R-12 Insulated Value – 2 Layers of our UL Listed InspiralR
  • 24 Color Options + Paint Grip Galvanized – Get the custom look to match your application
  • Simple Flanged Connections – Easy to Install Low Leakage Duct
  • High Static Pressure Design – 10″ Positive, 8″ Negative
  • Lightweight – Double Wall Duct with Less Weight
  • Standardized Round SystemsMatch your building façade with an architectural system and connect to our weather resistant vinyl Thermaround on the roof!