Loren Cook Smartphone App

Introducing CookTools!

A Collection of Design Tools at Your Fingertips:

-Fan Law Calculator: Quickly determine new operating point from known quantities. Makes field calculations fast and easy.

-Sound Calculator: Compute LwA, dBA, Sones and NC from octave band data. Distance from source defaults to 5 feet but can be modified to meet your needs.

-Duct Designer: Quickly calculator rectangular and round duct siz es that meet your system needs. Have you ever been on-site and wondered how much air you can move in a limited space? Duct Designer can help. Enter CFM and limiting dimension and Duct Designer will give you several solutions to meet your needs.

-Area Calculator: Compute section properties or round rectangular shapes. Input one set of dimensions of either circular or rectangular shapes and Area Calculator calculates other useful quantities. Allows quick estimating of sheetmetal and insulation quantities.

The smartphone is the new toolbox. Make sure you have the latest tools in yours!